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How can we empower the next billion internet users to become makers of the web ?

Nairobi, Kenya

I recently joined the Mozilla Foundation to design and implement a field research project that will hopefully help us answer this question. Everyone in the emerging economies, will soon be in possession, if not already, of a smartphone and therefore will access the internet.

But which web will they connect to? Will it be local? Will it be relevant ?

To make sure that the next billion do not just become consumers of the web, but also makers, we are building Mobile Webmaker, a tool that will enable anyone without any digital skills, to create their own mobile apps, directly on their mobile, in their own language.

Imagine the number of mobile applications that could transform people lives. From the small business owner who could boost his revenue, to the housewife who wants to share cooking recipes, to the teacher who would like to reach out to parents, or develop curriculums on mobile, students, scientists, journalists…. Millions of possibilities are shaping, and we want you to partner with us, to bring this project to life!

What are we doing?

The software is currently a prototype, but we want to build it with users, and therefore conduct ethnographic user research and product testing in various regions of the world. We are looking for partners to co-build this research program with us.

How to get involved?

Here are 3 propositions to partner with us. If you have another idea, please reach out to

 Mobile Opportunity Partnerships

It’s an open source project: contributions and feedback are more than welcome!


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