Research Questions

Our very first task was to lay the foundation work by defining the different research questions which would shape our methods and approaches.

Our main goal is to understand how Mobile Webmaker can empower the next billion web users, and more specifically how to drive digital inclusion in emerging economies and lower the bar for local content creation.

With this goal in mind, we came up with 10 research questions:


Who are the primary and secondary potential users of Webmaker?

Are people willing to be makers ? Do they see making as a rewarding activity?

The Product – Mobile Webmaker

What type of content would users like to create on/for the web and why?

How can we enable their creation of meaningful local content on the web?

Do users understand the product ?   

Do users like the product?

How can it be improved? Are there any usability issues?


How can Webmaker provide economic opportunities for the end-user?


What are the user alternatives to content creation and consumption other than Webmaker, on desktop or mobile, in their language and market?

Does Mobile Webmaker provide the web with a competitive advantage? How?

With these questions in mind, we are currently running a research trip in Bangladesh, in urban and rural locations with various user groups. Our other countries of action are Kenya and India, and we are also working on a challenge to empower our community to take part in this research in their home countries.



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