Access is not enough

Walking around Dhaka, we end-up in the middle of a rickshaw community place, where drivers hangout between rides. We meet two drivers, playing games on a smartphone, surrounded by a few others who are simply watching.

Thousands of questions comes to mind, and we discover that the owner of this Samsung Galaxy is playing Angry Bird, his favorite game, and Fruit Ninja. These games were pre-installed for free by Symphony (local network operator) and don’t require any data consumption. When he shows me his phone, we also discover many apps pre-installed by Symphony, such as Skype, Opera, and other games.We also learn that he uses his phone to watch Bangali movies, which he gets through stall owners. He has never downloaded anything.

– “What about browsing the Internet?”

– “…”

– “Do you know what is Internet?”

– “No, I have never seen it. I don’t understand what it means”

What will happen when he connects for the first time?


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