India Field Research – Week 2

For our second week in India, we spent some time in Pune and Chennai, where we interviewed :

  • 1 female University Student on her campus – Pune
  • 1 young female working in Pharmaceutical Company, on her previous campus  – Pune
  • 3 male University Students on their campus – Pune
  • 1  expert from Wikimedia Asia – Pune
  • 3  experts from HexoLabs, specialized in creating mobile content for people at the bottom of the pyramid – Chennai
  • 2 young male working in an NGO teaching digital literacy to rural youth – Chennai
  • 1 male entrepreneur creating and selling jewellery – Chennai
  • 1 male professional painter – Chennai
  • 1 male hotel manager – Chennai
  • 1 OLA cab driver – Chennai.
Campus - Pune
Campus – Pune

We also spent some time in a town and its surrounding villages near Chennai, where we conducted Ad-hoc interviews with : cyber cafe owners, cyber cafe users, teachers, students, 1 farmer, 1 brick-maker, 1 family, 1 tea-shop owner, his son, 1 small-business employee, 1 computer institute director, and a group of teenagers.

This allowed us to discover how people perceive and use the web in smaller and more remote places.

India - Streets

What’s next ?

For our last week of research in India, we will be in Ahmedabad where we want to interview the personas that we think are missing from current spectrum: women working in handcrafts, wholeseller, journalist, housewive, barber shop owner, beauty parlor owner.

We will also collaborate with design students from NID to understand how we can improve Webmaker and brainstorm on our research findings.

Feel free to reach out to or @lau_nk : this project is open to all contributions!


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