India Field Research – Closing

We spent our third and last week of this research trip in Ahmedabad and Delhi and interviewed:

  • 2 female artisans, mother and daughter – Ahmedabad
  • 2 male hand-made fabric wholesellers, father and son – Ahmedabad
  • 1 male entrepreneur, owning 3 coffee places – Ahmedabad
  • 1 male Wikipedia contributor and web developer – Ahmedabad
  • 1 male OLPC volunteer, open education activist – Delhi
  • 1 female beauty parlor owner – Delhi
  • 3 male mehandi workers – Delhi
  • 1 female laborer, unaware of the existance of the Web – Erode
  • 1 male unaware of the existance of the Web – Delhi

We also conducted various ad-hoc interviews with small business owners, jewelry makers, and mobile phone vendors.

Design Workshops

We worked with design students from NID in Ahmedabad. We conducted a design workshop where students were able to play with our current idea of Webmaker on paper.

Students were given a roll of paper, representing a mobile screen, and a set of stickers, representing our current building bricks. This was a fun experiment, where we learned our tinkerability limits: a lot of students converted the given building bricks into something else, and asked for a few other features. After this workshop, 6 students conducted interviews and tested Webmaker with a category of people of their choice. We closed this collaboration with a group debrief and a walk-through our existing research and work.

Design workshop at NID

Building Research Frameworks

As it was our last week, we also spent a lot of time analyzing our findings and writting our report. This time, we structured all of our analysis along the Web Journey.

Building Research Frameworks
Building Research Frameworks

Given the diversity of India and the gap between those who still struggle to use a feature phone, and those who make today’s ‘Digital India’, we thought it was helpful to segment people we met among the following categories:

  • Unaware: Has never heard about the Web
  • Non use:  Is aware of the existence of the Web, but does not use it
  • Basic use: Is online, mainly for social media
  • Leverage: Understands how to use the Web to improve life quality
  • Creation: Is able to read and write the Web
The Web Journey
The Web Journey

Thank you

We left India heart and mind filled with all of these discoveries. I am truly grateful to the 60++  people interviewed, who opened their doors and welcomed us warmly. Thank you for sharing your life with a stranger.

Note: all pictures from the trip are available on this Flickr Album.


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