Mozilla Research: Chicago

Project: Global Web Research
Location: Chicago
Date: 2015
Position: Design Research Lead

Read the Global Web: Chicago research report here.


In 2014, Mozilla was building tools to promote web-based content creation, but needed deeper insights into how the world would use them. For the next three years, I led their research initiative and studied the way people use the web around the world.

As part of a series of studies called the Global Web, we spent a few weeks in Chicago using mixed research methods to uncover insights for our organization and partners which influenced the design of our mobile product Webmaker. This project was especially focused on understanding youth from all backgrounds, and their attitudes and mindsets towards content creation.

As this study was the last of our Global Web series, we were able to produce a detailed user segmentation and understand who was really going to benefit from Webmaker. This illustrated report walks through the findings of this study and our analysis for Mozilla’s learning products and programs.


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