38 hours: an exercise in slow ethnography

Project: The Unbox Caravan Connected Communities and Digital Futures
Date: 2016
Location: India
Position: Researcher & photographer

Publication available here 

By train, it takes 38 hours to travel the 1600kms from Bangalore to Ahmedabad, with frequent stops for new passengers, food, and chai. Riders experience India’s vibrant railway ecosystem: a unique, physically narrow, and fascinatingly transient community of residence and commerce – continuously immersed in an atmosphere which many Indian people are familiar with.

This was another experience in slow ethnography, as we were getting ready to work on a design research project exploring communities and the Internet of Things in India. After these immersive days, we collaborated with the National Institute of Design students to produce prototypes and projects around the theme: the connected home.

Caravan 2016 India-24Caravan 2016 India-33Caravan 2016 India-37Caravan 2016 India-49Caravan 2016 India-51
Caravan 2016 India-14Caravan 2016 India-21

Caravan 2016 India-44
1608km 37:45 hours

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