Project Dandelion: increasing Socio Emotional skills for refugee children

Project: Increasing SEL skills for refugee children
Date: 2017 
Location: USA - Tanzanian Refugee Camp
Position: Lead

At the International Rescue Committee, I am leading a team to explore ways to increase the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and well-being of refugee children through new teaching and learning experiences.

This work brings together IRC’s Research & Development and Education teams and takes place in Tanzanian refugee camps, which are home to Congolese and Burundian people.

We are using mixed design and research methods to bring to life 4 new learning experiences. Currently, each is being prototyped and will progress into a research phase in 2018.

  • Graine: Using peer-to-peer and group-based learning, bring SEL content to families through playful learning activities.
  • Spark: Through group-based learning, bring SEL to playgrounds and youth centers.
  • Computer Assisted Learning: explore how to use computers to bring creative learning and SEL to refugee children most effectively.
  • Hekima: Leveraging videos and mobile distribution channels, help teachers increase the quantity and quality of their SEL practises with children at school.

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