Hi, I’m Laura.

I’m a multi-faceted design researcher with passions for creative learning environments, global development, participatory cultures, art and the open web.

Currently, I work at the International Rescue Committee (IRC)’s Research and Development lab, the Airbel Center. Our mission is to design and test life-changing, scalable solutions for people affected by crisis. I lead the Dandelion project, with the goal to create innovative learning and teaching experiences for increasing Social Emotional Learning skills. You can read more about our projects here

Prior to joining the IRC, I led the Mozilla Foundation’s research efforts where I conducted product design research, ran a multifaceted ethnographic study in 7 countries, and created and ran an experimental year long study of 200 first-time smartphone users in Kenya called the Digital Skills Observatory. In this role, I also was a community manager, curriculum designer, prototyper, fundraiser and avid glitter distributer. 

I have also been involved in multiple One Laptop Per Child projects. I spent 3 years designing and implementing a learning program in Madagascar, as well as working in Haiti and Jamaica with an incredible community of smart and passionate people.

When I’m not running research projects, you will find me in New York or Paris, or enjoying the sea. You can find me on Twitter,  Instagram, and GitHub.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings,

    I am a consultant with the World Bank, based in Washington DC
    We are currently in the process of designing a web literacy curriculum for low-income communities in Pakistan. I’d love it if I could be connected to someone involved with the ethnographic research done in Bangladesh, as I am about to embark on something similar in Pakistan. I think there may be potential for us to collaborate in some way on this work.

    Please let me know if this of interest, and if someone is available to speak with me on the phone in the coming week.

    Thanks very much,


  2. Hello Laura

    In you recent article in BBC , you mentioned that in some communities women are not allowed to access any he web . Can you provide which community you mentioned


  3. Dear Laura,

    My name is Sam and I am a refugee from Somalia currently living in Hong Kong.

    I currently help to manage a refugee training program here called RefuGeek that aims to train other refugees with code and design skills so that they can find work after they have been resettled.

    Laura, I was extremely interested in your ideas as I feel like they align with the goals at RefuGeek. I’m contacting and asking you a help and see what I’m doing for the asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong.

    Best Regards.


  4. Hello Laura

    Your work is amazing. I will be in Nairobi for two months teaching photography to young girls in the informal settlements. The workshop is called Roses and Poses and is a confidence building practice for young girls. I came across your site because I was looking for a place to print film as I will be using disposable camera’s during my stay. Do you know where I can get them printed out for the workshops or who I can contact for assistance on this?

    I hope you can help



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