Hi, I’m Laura.

I currently work at the International Rescue Committee (IRC), in the Airbel Center, our R&D Lab. Our mission is to design and test life-changing, scalable solutions for people affected by crisis. Read more about our projects here.

I lead the Dandelion project, with the goal to design learning and teaching experiences for increasing Social Emotional Learning skills and literacy.

Prior to joining the IRC, I led the Mozilla Foundation’s research efforts where I ran a multifaceted ethnographic study in 7 countries, our product design research, and an experimental year long study, the Digital Skills Observatoryof 200 first-time smartphone users in Kenya.

I have also been involved in multiple One Laptop Per Child projects. I spent 3 years designing and implementing a learning program in Madagascar, and working in Haiti and Jamaica. I also  worked at Microsoft on the implementation of YouthSpark in France and in the health & technology sector.


When I’m not running research projects, you will find me in New York or Paris. I’m also on Twitter –  InstagramGitHub



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