110 things to learn

When interviewing people in Chicago, from teenagers, to parents, educators and bloggers, we asked them to think about what they wanted to learn, what skills mattered the most to them as they were using the Web, and what they would teach us if we were completely new to the internet.

The result is a list of 110 things to learn. A serious, candid and sometimes surprising list, which highlights the skills that appear most important to these 69 participants when speaking of digital literacy.

While we are getting ready to publish the full report, I wanted to share this list here, for the happiness of all.

110 things to learn

“What does remixing mean ? To take something that’s pretty good, and add your touch to properly make it better with no disrespect to the creator.”

15 years old teenager, Chicago

“No HTML whatsoever. It freaks me out.”

Blogger & informal educator, Chicago.